Phosphate is a nutrient that’s vital to all living things and is found naturally in our food, our water and our bodies.

Florida’s rich phosphate deposits are a vital link in the world’s food chain and a key ingredient in commercial fertilizer. Florida phosphate accounts for approximately half of US farmers’ supply of phosphate fertilizer, and 20% of the global supply.

We respect Florida's precious ecosystem, and that's why we plant millions of trees, recycle and reuse 95% of water at mining sites and reclaim every acre we mine. We leave behind places that are good for wildlife and for future generations of Floridians. 

We are also a major economic contributor in Central Florida, directly employing about 4,000 men and women. Many are from multigenerational phosphate families – people proud of the work they do and the place they call home.

For more than a century, it’s been our business and honor to provide farmers the fertilizer products they need to bring food to all of us.

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