Economic Impact

Creating and Supporting Florida Jobs

Approximately 8,400 jobs are directly connected to the phosphate industry in Florida - nearly 50,000 indirectly shaped by its extensive footprint and operational needs. The industry’s economic impact in the Tampa region is an estimated $5.03 billion. In fact, well-over half of the Port of Tampa’s economic activity and jobs are connected to phosphate. The economic multiplier around the state and country is immense. More facts about the broader fertilizer industry are available from The Fertilizer Institute.

A Network of Production

Today, there are nine active phosphate operations sites and four manufacturing facilities in Florida owned by two producers, The Mosaic Company and Nutrien. The Florida phosphate industry extends well beyond these two producers to include hundreds of contractors, vendors and suppliers that help keep draglines running, ensure manufacturing facilities running at peak efficiency, transportation and logistical operators, and that help support environmental priorities such as land reclamation and wildlife protection.

Outside Florida, phosphate production is found in Louisiana, North Carolina, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Wyoming and Utah.