Florida's Essential Ingredient

Phosphate is an essential nutrient and part of everyday life. Phosphate helps America’s farmers grow more crops on fewer acres, keeps our bodies strong, and even helps clean our teeth. In order to use phosphate, we’ve got to make it. Florida is home to abundant phosphate deposits, and the state’s phosphate industry is making responsible and sustainable phosphate by using the latest technology and environmental preservation techniques.

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Phosphate Industry Supports a Sustainable Economy

A legacy industry in our state, Florida’s phosphate industry has been around for more than a century. While the phosphate remains essential, today’s manufacturing operations look much different than they did during previous generations. Modern technology has enabled safer and more responsible operations while companies are guided by the highest standards for environmental stewardship. The same thinking extends to finding sustainable recycling and reuse opportunities for products and byproducts, with the goal of zero waste.

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Our Industry

Phosphate Manufacturing Produces for the Economy and our Communities

Florida’s phosphate industry is a major economic driver and supports nearly 8,400 direct jobs and thousands of additional indirectly supported by its extensive footprint throughout the state. Typically, for each job in phosphate, six more are created. All told, the industry accounts for an estimated $5.03 billion in annual economic output. These are real jobs, supporting real people and their families.

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Committed to Responsible Reclamation of the Land

Florida’s soil provides nutrients that are essential to grow crops around the country. When the amount of usable phosphate on a property has been exhausted, we reclaim every acre and ensure that the land has a beneficial next life. Reclaimed lands can become public parks, farms, prairies, golf courses, used for agriculture, or be conserved permanently.

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Feeding America

Florida Phosphate Helps America Grow

Simply put, Florida’s phosphate helps farmers feed America. Phosphate manufactured in Florida is the essential ingredient in fertilizers that help farmers grow more crops on fewer acres. Up to 60% of a crop’s yield depends on soil nutrients like phosphate, and there is no synthetic substitute. American farmers rely on a steady domestic supply of phosphates to guarantee American food security and support the agricultural economy.

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Global Competitiveness

Florida’s Phosphate Industry is a Global Leader

The United States is just one of many countries with phosphate reserves and Florida has the country’s largest, which have been made here for more than one hundred years. Considered a commodity, the price of phosphates are set by global markets based on supply and demand. In order for Florida’s phosphate industry to remain competitive, keeping costs low is essential. Lower costs mean cheaper materials for farmers, and affordable food for families.

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